Justin Morris’ career has been dedicated to improving the sustainability of horticulture and he is renowned worldwide for his contributions to the grape and wine industry. As a result, Morris is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in viticultural production in the United States. Through research, administration and invention, Morris has supported horticultural production, primarily fruit crops, inArkansasand internationally. He helped develop the University of Arkansas’ Institute of Food Science and Engineering and in 1995 became its director. Morris has conducted one of the most extensive research efforts in the world on complete vineyard mechanization without loss of quality. His findings are utilized in major viticultural or grape growing regions throughout theU.S.His research led to a university patent, the Morris-Oldridge Vineyard Mechanization Plan in 2002. The food processing industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. Morris is executive vice president of the Ozark Food Processors Association, one of the largest in theU.S., representing 90 food processing companies and suppliers from 35 states. The Arkansas juice industry will forever be indebted to Morris for his research that has allowed it to remain nationally competitive. His efforts have helped double juice grape production without any loss in quality. Additionally, his involvement with the American Viticulture and Enology Research Network (AVERN) has brought him international influence for the grape and wine industry. Morris continues to serve on numerous industry boards and associations and has assisted in the design and creation of agricultural experiment stations for fruit crops in such countries as Mali, French West Africa, the Virgin Islands, Yemen and Portugal. A resident of Springdale, Justin Morris is a native of Nashville (HowardCounty) and has received numerous university and industry awards for his efforts in advancing the wine and juice grape industry.