Dwight L. Morris was instrumental in organizing Ozark Milk Producers in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1955 and was the first President of the organization. After several mergers this organization, in 1969, became part of Associated Milk Producers, Inc., the largest dairy cooperative in the United States. Mr. Morris was elected Secretary of the new organization. Despite the demands on his time by his other duties Mr. Morris maintained his own dairy operation, which was considered an excellent operation with a top herd of cows. Dwight Morris was a dreamer, a tireless worker, a teacher and believer. He generally was low key and that was a large part of his strength. He had the ability to pull people together after he explained both sides of a controversy and offered a solution to the problem. Tens of millions of dollars were added annually to dairy farmers checks because of his efforts in uniting dairy farmers into a large, efficient, well run organization. Before coming to Arkansas Mr. Morris was involved with his family in their cotton farm in west Texas. He served in the Army in World War II and spent 29 months overseas in Europe attaining the rank of Captain. He was recalled by the Army during the Korean conflict and served from 1950-1952. Dwight was involved in many other activities besides his own dairy operation, and the operation of milk cooperatives. He was active in local community affairs such as the Benton County Soil Conservation Board, County Farm Bureau, Kiwanis Club (served as president), Agricultural Committee of the Chamber of Commerce in Siloam Springs and active in the local PTA. He was a Sunday School teacher in the First United Methodist Church as well as on the board of directors and the finance committee. He served as a director of the First National Bank in Siloam Springs and later was one of the original organizers of the Northwest National Bank in Fayetteville. He was on the bank board until his death in 1979.