Mescal Johnston attended Arkansas Tech University and earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Home Economics from the University of Arkansas. During the 30 years she served as food marketing specialist at the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service, Mrs. Johnston became recognized for program leadership in the area of agricultural commodity promotion/ information. She worked with producer, processor and retailer organizations statewide to develop programs and provide information that increased understanding and appreciation of agricultural production, processing and marketing. Mrs. Johnston reached a statewide audience through the media, producing two weekly newspaper columns, a regular radio program, television shows and spot announcements. For county Extension teaching, Mrs. Johnston prepared outlines, 4-H publications, buying guides and preparation or preservation information for Arkansas agricultural products. County agent training and assistance included weekly newsletters for use in radio and news articles, annual in-service training, outlines and assistance for special-interest classes in food buying and use, tours of plants that process Arkansas agricultural products and a series of “Luv-An-Egg Workshops” sponsored by the Arkansas Egg Council. For “distinguished contribution to improvement of diets and extension of financial resources of Arkansas residents and assistance to agricultural producers” Mescal Johnston received the USDA “Superior Service Award” at the Federal Extension Service in 1984. She also received the John White Award for outstanding contributions made through Extension to agriculture and home economics; and numerous other awards, including a book award from State and National federations of Press Women for her cookbook, “Home for the Holidays.” After her retirement, Mrs. Johnston has continued to be active professionally, writing free-lance food articles, voicing radio commercials, teaching adult classes and actively participating in professional organizations.