Dr. Glenn W. Hardy began his service to Arkansas agriculture as an assistant professor in agronomy at the University of Arkansas in 1956. He taught courses in Beginning Soils and Soil Fertility, developed research projects in cotton and soybean fertility, which were pursued with vigor in eastern Arkansas. In 1962, he assumed responsibilities for the soil-testing program for the state of Arkansas. He upgraded the program and made it one of the best in the United States. Dr. Hardy was a gifted teacher and had a positive influence on a large number of graduates from the College of Agriculture & Home Economics. The University administration recognized Dr. Hardy’s potential to “get the job done” and promoted him to dean of the College of Agriculture & Home Economics in 1965. During the next 25 years, Dean Hardy worked exhaustively to improve agricultural education at the University of Arkansas and in all areas of the state. In 1990 after more than 25 years of service, Dean Hardy stepped down from the dean position and became a faculty member in the Agricultural Education & Extension Department at the University of Arkansas. He used his vast experience to improve education and upgrade teaching in this department. His long tenure as an administrator and teacher has had a tremendous influence on the improvement of agricultural education in Arkansas. Dr. Hardy received a number of prestigious awards and honors during his long tenure at the University of Arkansas. Some of them are: “Honorary State Farmer”—highest award Arkansas FFA members can bestow on an individual for his assistance to young people in agriculture; and Distinguished Leadership & Service Citation—presented by the National Association of State Universities and Land Grant Colleges for contributions to the Resident Instruction Section of the Division of Agriculture. He worked extensively with the Boy Scouts of America and the Methodist Church.