A lifelong cattleman, Devoe Bollinger has dedicated his career to improving the image ofArkansasranchers, the quality of pasture lands, supportingArkansasyouth and promoting the beef cattle industry to consumers. Bollinger is best known for leading the effort to eradicate the reproductive disease brucellosis from Arkansas cattle herds. In 1980 he was appointed to the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission, and served as chairman for two of his three terms. Under Bollinger’s leadership  the commission hired an epidemiologist for the purpose of establishing a calfhood vaccination program to protect livestock from brucellosis. The disease had reduced calving and prevented ranchers from moving their animals across state lines. Today,Arkansas is brucellosis free because of Bollinger’s ability to communicate with producers, encouraging them to work with state veterinarians in the vaccination program for the good of the industry. University of Arkansas Divisionof Agriculture officials credit Bollinger for being among the first to support and help lead the effort to rebuild the school’s animal science department. He is also a strong believer in helping our youth achieve their potential. He has arranged contacts with the U of A and other institutions and personally contributed thousands of dollars through monetary and livestock donations to scholarship fundraising efforts. He works closely with the University of Arkansas and county extension agents in allowing test plots to be established on his farm for the purpose of conducting field days and demonstrations so other producers may learn about new forages and production practices. For more than 40 years Bollinger has been an active leader in the Arkansas Farm Bureau, Cattlemen’s Association and many other organizations. He has received numerous awards including Sevier County Farm Family of the Year and University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Southwest Man of the Year.