Dr. George Berger, Jr. was a second-generation rice, soybean, and wheat farmer, who taught at Arkansas State University from 1971-1981 and served as dean of the College of Agriculture. Dr. Berger
started the plant breeding program at A-State and released dozens of varieties that helped farmers across the mid-south. He helped start A-State’s agriculture master’s degree program, signed a collaborative agreement to share resources and educational staff from A-State and the University of Arkansas, and started a night school that could be attended by working professionals.

At age 36, Berger was the youngest dean at A-State. He also served as chapter advisor for Alpha Gamma Rho, of which he was also an alumnus.

Soon after he left A-State, he founded the Eagle Seed Company, where his focus was private plant breeding and producing soybean seed in northeast Arkansas, Mexico and South America. Berger also returned to farming after leaving A-State. His children and grandchildren operate the farm and Eagle Seed company today.

Berger passed away April 16, 2002. The George A. Berger Memorial Scholarship at A-State was established in 2003 and continues to help deserving agriculture students.