Robert W. Anderson grew up on a farm near Ozark. He was an honor student in Agriculture at the University of Arkansas. Mr. Anderson worked as an entomologist, served in the Army three years in the Pacific during WWII, then worked for the Extension Service. In 1947, he was employed by the Plant Board. He served as president of the Southern Seed Control Officials and as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Crop Improvement Association. The duties and personnel have increased significantly since he was named director in 1960, administering 17 laws and regulations covering a wide range of agricultural industries and service programs. Under Mr. Anderson’s leadership, the seed certification program became known throughout the U.S. and many foreign countries. Because of the confidence in the certification program he created, the demand for Arkansas-grown certified seed has multiplied many fold and has become a multi-million dollar business for Arkansas farmers. More than a half-million acres in Arkansas are now devoted to seed production, making Arkansas the number-one seed-producing state for many years. As director of the Plant Board, he became responsible for administering Arkansas’ Weights & Measures program. Through his direction Arkansas has a completely equipped State Weights & Measurements laboratory and calibration station—a model in every way. The Public Grain Warehouse Law, when passed, became another of his responsibilities. Many plants are licensed and audited under this program. With the new facility completed in 1978, the offices and laboratory equipment are among the best in the country. Mr. Anderson has served on many professional boards and was Progressive Farmer magazine’s choice for “Man of the Year in Service to Arkansas Agriculture” in 1971.