• Philip Alford Jr. Philip Alford Jr.

    Philip Alford is owner/operator of Phil Alford Farms nearLewisville(LafayetteCounty).  He is credited with developing the first successful large scale stocker cattle operation in southwestArkansas. Through the years he has mentored numerous ranchers who sought his help in starting their own […]

  • Devoe Bollinger Devoe Bollinger

    A lifelong cattleman, Devoe Bollinger has dedicated his career to improving the image ofArkansasranchers, the quality of pasture lands, supportingArkansasyouth and promoting the beef cattle industry to consumers. Bollinger is best known for leading the effort to eradicate the reproductive […]

  • Mark Bryles Mark Bryles

    Mississippi County leads the state of Arkansas in cotton production and Mark Bryles is credited for being instrumental in the revival of cotton as the county’s main crop. As an agent for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Cooperative […]

  • Jack Jones Jack Jones

    A second-generation cattle and soybean farmer fromPottsvilleinPopeCounty, Jack Jones has actively served as an advocate for agriculture on the state and local level throughout his adult life. Following graduation from Arkansas Polytechnic College (now Arkansas Tech University) in 1956, Jones […]

  • Leonard Sitzer Leonard Sitzer

    With only a 10th-grade education, Leonard Sitzer returned home from a tour of duty with the Army inChina andIndia during World War II to develop one ofPoinsettCounty and northeastArkansas’ most successful rice farming operations. He bought 2,000 acres and developed […]